Ride along the same route that carried President Lincoln from Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA, where he delivered one of the greatest speeches in American History!

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2 West Main Street New Freedom, PA 17349

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the William H Simpson No. 17 steam locomotive run?

Please check the calendar for specific dates and times. You can do this by clicking on “Calendar” above.  On our schedule, a red line indicates that No. 17 will be running.  A black line indicates the diesel will be running. If you have a large group and would like to set up a date and time that is not listed, please contact us at info@northerncentralrailway.com

How much are the tickets?

Ticket prices vary based on excursion. You can find pricing for our excursions by checking our calendar and selecting “Buy Tickets”.

Preservation Fee
The Northern Central Railway is solely responsible for the cost and maintenance of its train and 15-mile railway. In 2014, NCR established a preservation fee to ensure the integrity of both our replica 1863 steam engine and the physical railway between New Freedom and York on which our attraction operates. The Preservation Fund is intended to cover expected and unexpected costs and will not be used for operating expenses. A $1 Preservation Fee is added to the cost of each ticket.

New Freedom Borough Amusement Tax
Per local ordinance, all ticket sales for train rides embarking from New Freedom, PA are subject to a New Freedom Borough Amusement Tax of 5%. The NCR collects and remits this tax to New Freedom Borough as required by law and does not use any portion of the collected tax to fund its operation. This tax is calculated as a percentage of the ticket price.

Ticketing Fee
NCR collects a $1 ticket handling fee applies to each ticket to help cover administrative costs associated with reservations management.

How do I get my tickets when I order them online?

When ordering online you will receive an email confirmation that your tickets have been processed. Tickets will be available at will call located in the gift shop at the ticket booth on the day of your scheduled excursion.

Can we get group rates?

Yes, special rates apply to groups of 15 or more people. Contact us at 717-942-2370 or info@northerncentralrailway.com to make arrangements.

Is the train handicapped accessible?

The Northern Central Railway is not fully handicapped accessible due to the historic nature of our cars. A wheelchair lift is available at our New Freedom, PA station for those who can be transferred to a regular passenger seat once on board. The train bathroom is not handicapped accessible. Please call the NCR team at 717-942-2370 to discuss any special needs that you have.

If I would like to bicycle is there accommodation for my bicycle?

If you would like to ride the train one way and your bike another way, please talk to our conductor. He can sell you a one-way ticket provided that we have room to accommodate the bikes. Please contact us at 717-942-2370 prior to your ride if you plan on a one-way trip.

Are pets allowed on the train?

We must follow FRA regulations and can allow only service dogs wearing the appropriate vests.

What part does history play in the train operation?

The No. 17 steam locomotive and train sets are replicas of those in the 1860s which Abraham Lincoln rode on his way to deliver the Gettysburg Address and later served as his funeral train.

Each of the train runs has a narrator, living historian, or entertainer.

Are memberships available?

Memberships are available! Please visit our membership page for more details.

How fast does the train run, and how long are the round trip excursions?

Our trains travel at a speed of 10 miles per hour north from New Freedom to various destinations before returning to New Freedom on the same track.
• Seitzland is 4 miles north; excursion is 45 minutes round trip
• Glen Rock is 5 miles north; excursion is 1 hour round trip
• Hanover Junction is 10 miles north; excursion is 2 1/2 hours round trip
• Seven Valleys is 11 miles north; excursion is 2 hours 45 minutes round trip
• Howard Tunnel is 14 miles north; excursion is 4 hours round trip

Is the Northern Central Railway a non-profit?

Yes, NCR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, charitable organization.  We cannot make a claim that any donations are tax-deductible – that depends on the donor’s tax situation.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted on the train?

Passengers are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages on the train.

Is smoking permitted on the train?

Smoking is prohibited on the Northern Central Railway property, and on the train itself.

Are strollers and infant carriers allowed on the Train?

Strollers are not allowed on the train, they can be left in the gift shop or in your car.

Infant carriers are allowed if the train is not full. If you choose a special event excursion and the train is full the carriers can be left in the gift shop or put in the baggage compartment on the train.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Our volunteer positions include flagger, greeter, and others. Click here to visit our volunteer page.

Are there special events planned?

Yes, there are special events planned all year long. You can check our Calendar or social media sites for our schedule of events.

Is there a model railroad at the NCR station?

Yes, we have a model railroad room in our station.

What about parking?

There are two lots near the station with available parking spaces. One lot is a block north and one lot a block south of the shop. We do have handicapped parking behind the gift shop. We anticipate on the bigger volume days that we will have flaggers to direct you to the parking areas and cross Main Street.

What is the Glen Rock Express? What is the Hanover Junction Flyer?

The Glen Rock Express is a one hour round trip. You do not get off the train at Glen Rock during this trip. The Hanover Junction Flyer is a 2 1/2 round trip. You will be at Hanover Junction for about 20 to 30 minutes at which time you can get off the train.

How do I apply my Northern Central Railway Gift Certificate?

Whether you have a credit or purchased a gift certificate you must call our team at the station to apply it. You can not use the NCR gift certificates for combination dining excursions including Brunch, Dine & Rides, and Breakfast with Santa! If you any questions please call 717-942-2370.