Ride along the same route that carried President Lincoln from Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA, where he delivered one of the greatest speeches in American History!

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2 West Main Street New Freedom, PA 17349

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Seasonal Excursions

Our operating season is April through December. In addition, we have many unique events and programs planned year round!


Sunday Brunch at the Glen Rock Mill Inn

Starting April 28th at 1:00 PM and continues on every Sunday ( with the exception of a few black out dates)

Enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside of York County to Glen Rock, PA on a historic railway that dates back to the late 1820s. The train will stop at the Glen Rock Mill Inn and passengers who purchased the brunch in advance will be able to deboard and enjoy a specially prepared brunch. The train then heads to Hanover Junction and picks up passengers on the return to New Freedom.


150th Anniversary of Promontory

May 10th & 11th

May 10-11, 1869 marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, a pivotal moment in American history. The joining of the iron rails at Promontory Summit, Utah united for the first time (in a geographical and metaphorical sense) the nation after years of a bloody civil war. It truly opened up the Western United States territory for settlement and development on several levels with the railroads acting as an agent of changes. Steam Into History will host May 10-11 runs, railroad historian Kurt Bell, an Archivist at the Pennsylvania State Archives will share interesting facts and human-interest stories about this significant event from our country’s history dating from roughly the same era that the SIH train ride portrays.

Glen Rock Arts & Brew Fest 

June 1st

Steam Into History and the No. 17 will be making a visit to 2019 Glen Rock Arts & Brew Fest.  We will be offering rides from Glen Rock to Larue. 


Wild West Express featuring The James Younger Gang 

May 18th, June 15th, July 20th, August 17th

This gang of American Outlaws was well-known in the 19th century. The group included the notorious Jesse James and the Younger brothers.  Living Historians of this infamous group will be robbing the train for trinkets and jewels (provided). They will also be robbing for actual charitable donations. Come out for a good time and a great cause!


Princess Tea Party 

July 13th

Come dressed up as your favorite princess as you could meet some princesses and a prince on the train.  


Superhero Days 

August 10th

Come dressed up as your favorite Superhero as you could meet a real hero along the way! Crafts and lots of hero themed fun awaits you on this not to be missed experience. Suitable for all ages. 


Prestidigitation, Dr. Marc Charisse 

April 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 19th & 20th
August 31st

In nearly 50 years of performing, Marc has learned magic is a timeless art, touching something deep inside us — an urge to break the bonds of everyday life. Magic isn’t so much about fooling people as it is about getting them in touch with the mystery and wonder just beyond our grasp. 


The General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee 

June 8th & September 1st

General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee are brought to life by living historians Frank and Bonnie Orlando.  Learn about these two great Americans as friends, husband and wife, father and mother, military tactician and superintendent of West Point, the Lady of Arlington and the great granddaughter of Martha Washington. At the same time, learn why Robert E. Lee rejected the command of the US Army when it was offered to him in April of 1861. 


William C. Goodridge and the Underground Railroad.

July 6th

William C. Goodridgewas a prominent businessman in York, Pennsylvania in the mid 1800s. He was an African-American abolitionist and a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  Born a slave, Goodridge and his wife, Evalina Wallace Goodridge, started with a barbershop in 1827 and built a significant estate through diverse investments and enterprises, all of which they put at risk as stationmasters in the Underground Railroad. 


President Lincoln 

November 9th & 10th

Living historian, James Hayney will have you believing you are seeing the real Abraham Lincoln.  Relive the emotion and passion of the 1860’s when we recreate Lincoln’s November 1863 ride on the Northern Central.  President Lincoln traveled these rails on his way to Gettysburg to present the Gettysburg Address and two years later his funeral car rode the same line.  Learn more about these trips as you ride with us.  Also, at Hanover Junction you will hear President Lincoln (Hayney) recite the Gettysburg Address and learn about the history of the speech. 


Reading Express 

May 24th, June 21st, July 19th , August 16th

Enjoy this 45 minute specially priced round trip excursion to Seitzland, Pa along the York Heritage Rail Trail and the beautiful countryside of York County.  Bring the kids to New Freedom and get on board for the Reading Express.  Children will be read stories by the brakeman and learn about the small towns along the way. 


The Great Southern Train Raid on the NCRY 

August 24th & 25th

Ride an authentic 1860’s replica steam engine starting and returning to New Freedom as history comes alive for these special excursions.  Be sure to keep an eye out for some Confederate soldiers that are camped in the area!  This will be our largest Civil War Event of the year with a huge encampment at Railroad Park.


Pennsylvania Railroad and Rail fan day 

September 15th

Pennsylvania Rail Roads have been a vital part of our state’s success for more than 150 years, thanks to continuous expansion and innovation. One of those innovations is the diesel locomotive, which has been the backbone of the industry since the 1940s. From the earliest switch engines to today’s high-horsepower thoroughbreds, the diesel locomotive has been essential to the growth of Pennsylvanian and American railroads. On this day, your fun and exciting train ride experience starts in New Freedom, PA! Enter our gift shop and purchase your ticket from the friendly agent inside.Learn about the engines that passed through New Freedom with a display by our lead engineer and head conductor.  Then you will be welcomed aboard by friendly volunteers as you enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside of York County on a historic railway that dates back to the late 1820s.  We will take you back in time to the 1860s, when President Lincoln rode these tracks on his way to Gettysburg to deliver his now-famous Gettysburg Address. 


Pennsylvania Cowboy Weekend and Train Robberies 

October 12th & 13th

Building on our past spring/summer, one-day a month events with the Cowboys (Outlaws and Peacemakers), we have scheduled a weekend of hands-on learning experiences for families. This event will include: a cowboy parade through New Freedom to open the event, train robberies, an authentic cowboy camp at Summit Grove Campground (located just south of Steam Into History), wandering minstrels, magicians, a chuck wagon,  a Sunday morning worship service, cowboy story-telling around the campfire, onsite camping for guests, and a special area for children. 

This celebration of cowboy life promises to immerse visitors in the unique movement which began in the late 1800s just after the Civil War. The Wild West movies and TV shows popular in the 1950s and 1960s, romanticized the life of the cowboy (and cowgirl). The effective and efficient movement of cattle gave rise to the growth of the cowboy occupation. Rodeos were a popular pastime which allowed the cowboys to demonstrate their prowess with horses and cattle. Today, cowboys and cowgirls are often seen in western garb at horse shows competing in barrel racing, as well as western pleasure and reining classes. At their peak, cowboys were referred to as “the most reckless class of outlaws in the wild country”.  Our locomotive, the No.17, is a replica of those which frequently ran at the time and creates a unique stage for cowboy robberies and learning about cowboy lifestyles.   

Cowboys definitely made an impact on the culture and lifestyles of the time and beyond! 


Fall Foliage Excursions 

Throughout the month of October & November

Enjoy the colors of the fall on our excursions to Glen Rock and Hanover Junction. Our narrator will talk about the town and villages along the way and the history they have. The fall is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy the York County Rail Trail. This trail was voted the number one rail trail in Pennsylvania. We are so lucky to be able to share this ride with our guests. 


Ghost Tracks 

October 19th, 26th

This is our ghost story excursions. Families will hear fascinating ghost tales by narrator, Nancy Pritt.   While you enjoy your voyage down the tracks to Seitzland, PA, and experience spooky stories throughout your journey into the forest.  We will also offer refreshments, such as cider and cookies. 


Halloween/Pumpkin Rides 

October 26th

Come visit the gift shop prior to your ride and decorate a pumpkin mask that can be taken along on the train. Enjoy a fun train ride to Seitzland while listening to silly Halloween stories. There could also be a visit from Sharilla de Steam on the train to entertain and visit with the children.  It is all about the family and the children today!  Children will receive a small pumpkin after the ride. 


Beat Black Friday 

November 23rd & 24th

Sit back and enjoy a specially priced scenic excursion through the beautiful countryside of York County to Glen Rock, PA, on a historic railway that dates back to the late 1820s. Ride along with a 1957 PA GP 9 (converted to GP 10 in 1979) at the only place in the world where an original Pennsylvania railroad locomotive runs on a genuine Pennsylvania rail line. 



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