Glen Rock Carolers – Northern Central Railway of York

Ride along the same route that carried President Lincoln from Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA, where he delivered one of the greatest speeches in American History!

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Glen Rock Carolers

Northern Central Railway presents the

Glen Rock Carolers

December 10, 2023

The Heathcotes first came to Glen Rock in 1837 from their old home in Cheshire, Northwestern-England. The Heathcotes brought the tradition of caroling from their English roots.
The tradition of the carolers has been carried on for 168 years. Now there are more than 128 members that are mostly young/middle-aged. These men are often devoted to tradition and many have caroling relatives. They sing from the very start of Christmas from twelve A.M. until morning. Every Christmas through rain, snow, and the cold, they sing carols, never once canceling.
In 1848 there were 5 original members: Charles, Mark, & James Heathcote; Mark Radcliffe; and George Shaw. Some of the songs that they sing include: Christmas Hymn, Hark Hark, While Shepherds, Hosanna, and the doxology which is always sung last at the Glen Rock Christmas tree. The different singers include tenors, sopranos, and bass along with the use of trumpets and trombones.
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