Glen Rock – Northern Central Railway of York

Ride along the same route that carried President Lincoln from Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA, where he delivered one of the greatest speeches in American History!

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Glen Rock

Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

Glen Rock, 1920 (Robert L. Williams Collection)
Glen Rock, 2021 (Photo by Greg. Pawelski)
What we now know as the town of Glen Rock, was originally a farm owned by Simon Koller. Mr. Koller was not interested in the railroad running through his property, so it was sold to William Heathcote, who developed the settlement into the second most industrial city in the county. The settlement was originally called Heathcote’s Station, but when the town was incorporated in 1859, the name was finalized as Glen Rock.
The Glen Rock Mill Inn is a restaurant and hotel located inside a converted mill that is built on the foundation of Glen Rock's first mill. (Photo by Scott Butcher)
This statue commemorates the Glen Rock Carolers, who have been caroling every Christmas since 1848. (Photo by Scott Butcher)
Glen Rock enjoyed a period of industrial might from around 1840 to the end of World War II. After the Northern Central Railroad was constructed, Glen Rock grew from a quiet valley settlement with only a wool mill, to a large town featuring a variety of industries. A large machine shop building machining tools, railcars, and drills and an agricultural commissioning company powered Glen Rock’s economy. Various smaller mills and factories rounded out Glen Rock’s industries. The furniture business steadily grew through the turn of the century up until the late 1930’s, offering employment for the residents of Glen Rock. The opening of roads in the area, along with the decline of the railroad, led to Glen Rock’s industries faltering, as nearby Shrewsbury became the principal location for new business developments. Since then, many of the original industries have been closed and the buildings either converted for other uses or demolished. Glen Rock has become primarily an agricultural town, with most farming being done on the hills surrounding the town. 
Northern Central Railway 17 sitting in front of the Glen Rock Mill Inn. (Photo by Greg Pawelski)
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